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Apply online, get a decision in minutes, and start your coverage immediately.

Locked-In Rates

Find rates as low as $25/month. And, your premium is guaranteed for the life of the policy.


Your family can quickly receive the death benefit proceeds, tax free.


Final Expense Life Insurance At A Glance

Final expense life insurance is a type of whole life insurance that can help bridge the gap between when you pass and when your current assets would be available to your family. Within the first days of your passing, many funeral bills are due. Your family may have to wait weeks for your assets to become available.

With final expense life insurance issued by Sagicor, death benefit proceeds can be paid out quickly. Plus — your rate is locked in for the life of the policy, so you’ll never experience any rate hikes.

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From Start To Finish in Minutes

You deserve a final expense life insurance product that’s designed to fit your needs. Peace Assured can be yours through a modern online experience that’s simple and hassle-free. Get your quote, apply, get a decision, and make changes to your policy completely online, on your time.

Enhance Your Current Plan

When you die, your assets may not be readily available to your loved ones, and it could take weeks for your family to have access to these funds. And if you own your home, it could take even longer for your family to gain ownership, sell the home, and realize the proceeds from the sale. Plus — if you switch jobs or retire, your current employer’s life insurance may not go with you.


No Rate Hikes
Your rate is guaranteed for the life of the policy.


No Waiting Period
Get a decision in minutes after submitting your application, and start your coverage immediately.


Quick Tax-Free Payout
Your family can quickly receive the death benefit proceeds, tax free.

Coverage Options with Peace Assured

Choose from our customizable options designed to help you get covered easily and quickly. Or, build your own option with the help of one of our non-commissioned life insurance agents.

from as low as
in most states
$5,000 - $10,000
in coverage
Simplicity at its best. Can allow for a simple cremation or direct burial.
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from as low as
in most states
$15,000 - $20,000
in coverage
An excellent option for those who would like a full-service funeral with a visitation, formal service, and burial.
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from as low as
in most states
$25,000 - $35,000
in coverage
Give your loved ones the chance to truly celebrate your legacy, even after your funeral.
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Owning a policy does not guarantee that its proceeds will pay for the entirety of any particular funeral or cremation service or related goods. Peace Assured is not Guaranteed-Issue.

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