A Guide to Understanding Life Insurance

Life insurance provides protection against the loss of income that results from the death of a wage earner. It can also be used to build savings for retirement. Periodically evaluating life...
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Do You Value Your Car More than Your Life?

If you’ve been thinking about your financial future, then you may have already noticed gaps in your plan. For many people, that gap is not having enough life insurance. If so, you aren’t alone. In...
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Whole Life Insurance vs. Term Life Insurance: Here’s the difference (and how final expense whole life insurance coverage fits in).

So, you’re looking for life insurance – but you don’t know what kind of coverage you need. That’s understandable. Today’s market is full of...
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Should You Get Life Insurance for Stay-at-Home Parents?

One of the main reasons parents buy life insurance is to compensate for the loss of income upon the death of the primary wage earner. After all, if the household’s main breadwinner were to die,...
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3 Considerations When Selecting a Life Insurance Company

All too often, a life insurance company is selected based on the competitiveness of its quote. Sure, price is an important factor, but it...
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Primary Beneficiaries and Secondary Beneficiaries: A Closer Look at How Life Insurance Works

When you start researching and applying for life insurance, you might come across terms you’ve never heard before – like “primary” and “secondary”...
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