Life Insurance Agents: 3 Ways We Challenge the Stereotypes

What image comes to mind when you think about life insurance agents? Go ahead…be honest. We can take it. In terms of negative stereotypes,...
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The Cremation Conversation: What You Might Not Know

Coffee or tea? Chocolate or vanilla? Spring or fall? Burial or cremation? OK, maybe that last “this or that” question isn’t the best way to start a conversation at a party, but it is a good way to...
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Why Choose Final Expense Life Insurance?

Peace Assured final expense whole life insurance policies are issued by Sagicor Life Insurance Company. Why would we choose to sell this particular type of life insurance? Or, more importantly,...
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4 Tips for Talking to Your Partner about Life Insurance

Life may be beautiful, but chances are, life is also when you and your partner finally have some free time to spend together, the last thing you probably want to do is make plans for...
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What’s the Deal with Final Expense Life Insurance?

"Final expense life insurance" may sound pretty self-explanatory — it's life insurance designed to help cover your final expenses, right? Yes! Absolutely…but that's not necessarily all it is. Keep...
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Green Burial: A Peaceful Alternative

As the need to take care of our planet becomes increasingly urgent, you may already be taking steps to live more sustainably…but have you thought about dying more sustainably?
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