If you’ve been thinking about your financial future, then you may have already noticed gaps in your plan. For many people, that gap is not having enough life insurance. If so, you aren’t alone. In fact, more Americans have car insurance than life insurance.Mother hugging her two young children

Do you value your car more than your life? Before you say no, take a look at these statistics:

  • 79% of Americans have car insurance.
  • 67% of Americans have home insurance.
  • 55% of Americans have life insurance.

Cars and houses are expensive. Very expensive. That’s why people are willing to pay a little more to protect them. Of course, there’s other reasons to buy these types of insurance as well. If you want to drive your car, you’re legally required to have auto insurance. And if your car or house isn’t paid off yet, you’ll need the insurance to help pay off loans.

But car insurance isn’t just for yourself. It’s for everyone on the road. You get car insurance so that you can be accountable for how your driving might affect others.

When you bought your car insurance coverage, you probably weren’t expecting to get into an accident any time soon. But you knew that it was always a possibility, so it made sense to have it just in case.

The thing is, life insurance works the same way. Instead of protecting strangers, however, it’s directly for the people you love and care for.

Maybe you do value your car over your life (it’s a REALLY nice car). But what about your children’s lives? Your parents’ and siblings’ lives? Do you value your car more than your family?

Just like with car insurance, you don’t get life insurance expecting to use it any time soon. And, with luck, you won’t have to. But it might make sense to have it, just in case.

Take a moment to consider your priorities. Are you protecting what’s important to you?

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