female-customer-services-agent-working-at-desk-in-JXEW48VWhat image comes to mind when you think about life insurance agents? Go ahead…be honest. We can take it.

In terms of negative stereotypes, insurance agents may be right up there with people who sell vacuum cleaners or used cars. We tend to be suspicious of anyone who’s trying to sell us anything, but when the product in question is as emotionally charged as life insurance, it’s easy to feel especially defensive.

Peace Assured final expense life insurance aims to ditch the stigma surrounding life insurance agents by providing a customer service experience that inspires confidence. Here are a few myths that we hope you’ll consider busted.

1. Our licensed life insurance representatives (agents) are non-commissioned

Many life insurance agents work on commission, so as consumers, we may feel that these people can be a little pushy. Peace Assured final expense life insurance is sold by licensed non-commissioned life insurance representatives (agents). They are compensated hourly, and their priority is helping you find final expense life insurance that aligns with your needs and priorities.

2. We believe in what we're selling

It may be true that a good salesperson can make just about anything sound worth buying, but when we say we believe in the products we offer, we really mean it.

Our final expense life insurance policies are issued by Sagicor Life Insurance Company, a provider with an A.M. Best rating of A- (Excellent). A.M. Best is the oldest and most widely recognized source of financial reporting within the insurance industry, so a rating of A- (Excellent)1 represents a high level of financial stability. This means that our customers can have confidence that we’ll deliver upon a policy’s promise. Sagicor Life Insurance Company has been committed to building and maintaining their status as a trusted part of the life insurance community since the company was established in 1954.

So if we sound really passionate about what we’re selling, it’s because we know it’s coming from a place with 65+ years of experience and a fantastic reputation!

3. We put you in control of the conversation

A common concern that we hear from people is that they’re hesitant to get a life insurance quote or request information because they’re afraid they’ll be bombarded with pushy sales calls.

Since our licensed life insurance agents are non-commissioned, their number one priority is helping you. Talking to one of our non-commissioned agents puts you in control. Whether you have a simple question, or want to talk through your final expense life insurance options, our agents will put you and your family’s needs first.

On the flip side of that last point, if you do want to talk to us, feel free to give us a call at 866-353-8995.

Get in touch with us today to start talking about final expense life insurance options with an agent who’s focused on customers rather than commissions. We truly want to help you find a plan to help cover your end-of-life expenses and support greater financial peace for your loved ones.


1Financial strength rating is current as of November 2018, and is subject to change. Sagicor is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company (4th best out of 16 possible ratings). Rating based on claims-paying ability of issuing insurer and to honor any guarantees provided by the contract. The rating is not an assessment or recommendation of specific products, policy provisions, premium rates, performance of the products, or to the practices of the insurance company.

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