female-potter-using-digital-tablet-UZQ6BN5Coffee or tea? Chocolate or vanilla? Spring or fall? Burial or cremation?

OK, maybe that last “this or that” question isn’t the best way to start a conversation at a party, but it is a good way to start a conversation about your end-of-life plans, and that’s one of our goals.

So how do you feel about cremation? Over half of Americans go that route, so chances are, you’ve at least thought about it.

Cost may be the biggest reason people opt for cremation. It’s true that it typically costs less than a traditional burial, but there’s also another benefit that isn’t talked about as much: In addition to a lower price tag, cremation may offer more opportunities to customize the way you’d like to be remembered.

Planning a funeral that’s truly a celebration of your life and personality can be an empowering way to approach end-of-life arrangements, and cremation may be a good option to consider if you want additional flexibility.

A Site with Significance

With burial, while there are certainly elements you can customize, all roads eventually lead to a cemetery. That may mean choosing the location for a memorial service or celebration of life based on convenience rather than any actual connection you or your loved ones have to the place.

Cremation may open up a wider range of possible venues and activities…your family and friends might take a bike ride along your favorite trail to honor your memory, or share a meal at a local restaurant you love, or maybe they’ll gather on the beach where you’ve spent many summer vacations together.

In other words, you can choose to be remembered in a place where some of your best memories were made.

Creative Cremation

If you’ve ever considered cremation, you’ve probably thought about choosing an urn. And if you go that route, there are a lot of options to choose from. Classic styles, modern styles, one-of-a-kind styles...vessels to reflect YOUR style.

However, if the idea of your earthly remains sitting in a fancy jar on a mantel doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of alternatives.

What if, instead of just being buried, you could be planted? Brands like The Living Urn create products that allow your ashes to be placed in an eco-friendly planter pod to along with a tree, rosebush, or other rooted reminder of your memory.

If you have a deep connection to the ocean (pun intended), your ashes could get turned into the base of a coral reef.

Ashes can also be used as a component of unique mementos such as jewelry, vinyl records, fireworks, portraits, and even tattoos. Having a meaningful reminder of a lost loved one can be really comforting, so keep these options in mind when making end-of-life plans.

Peaceful Portability

Cremation also offers the possibility of easily moving the remains of a loved one from one location to another. While being planted with a tree or becoming part of a coral reef may mean that your ashes are permanently rooted in the soil or deep in the ocean, most cremation formats allow for portability should your family relocate after your passing.

Unlike burial, cremation offers your loved ones the option to take the symbolic connection they may feel to your remains wherever they go, or even to divide it among multiple family members.

Powerful Planning

Is it a little more clear now why so many Americans choose cremation? It’s not just about affordability. It’s also a way to really expand the possibilities as you consider how you’d like to be remembered.

No matter what end-of-life approach resonates with you, final expense life insurance may be able to help cover the costs associated with it. That increased peace of mind is a wonderful gift to yourself and your loved ones when the time comes.

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