Frequently Asked Questions

About Final Expense Life Insurance

  • Final expense life insurance, issued by Sagicor, is a type of whole life insurance that provides your family with a cash benefit at time of death to cover end-of-life expenses.

  • According to the National Funeral Directors Association, a funeral can cost $8,500, and if death is preceded by illness, medical bills can stack up on top of that. Final expense life insurance can help protect your family from this significant financial obligation.

  • The cost of life insurance is different for each person and is dependent on the person's age and health, how much coverage he/she needs, and any potential risk factors. The best way to estimate the cost is to get a quote.

  • Since age and health determine the cost of your premium, now may be the best time to get life insurance coverage. Otherwise, your premium cost could increase as you get older.

The Peace Assured Difference

  • We have a simple, online application that can be filled out in minutes. You may also apply with the guidance of an agent by calling us at 866-353-8995.

  • No. As part of your application, you will only need to answer some health questions.

  • With Peace Assured, once your premium is set, it’s guaranteed for the life of the policy as long as you make your scheduled payments. If you do not make your scheduled payments, your policy will lapse, and you will have to requalify.

  • No. Peace Assured life insurance agents are non-commissioned, so you can feel confident that you’re getting informed advice without the pressure to buy.

About Your Policy

  • No. As long as your premiums have been paid as scheduled, your named beneficiary(ies) will receive the death benefit proceeds, and there are no restrictions on how they can use the money. However, there is no guarantee that the death benefit proceeds will cover the entirety of the costs associated with any funeral or cremation or related goods.

  • Yes. You can make changes by visiting your online portal or calling us at 866-353-8995.

  • Your family can make a benefit claim by logging into your online portal or calling our life insurance agents at 866-353-8995.

  • Death benefit proceeds are typically paid out within a few days of all of the required documents having been received.